Prison director adopts ‘managing by walking around’ strategy as part of reform efforts

In a continuous effort to enhance operational procedures and strengthen communication within the prison system, Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot has adopted a “managing by walking around” strategy.

As part of the initiative, the director recently conducted visits to Camp Street, Timehri, Lusignan, and Mazaruni Prisons to gain a firsthand understanding of the operations, improve communication channels between the director, officers, and inmates, and facilitate well-informed decision-making procedures.

The Director of Prisons during one of his visits

This was relayed to the Department of Public Information (DPI) by Public Relations Officer, Rajiv Bisnauth on Thursday.

Recognising the importance of reviewing the existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in prisons, the prison director highlighted the need for comprehensive evaluations.

This allows him to actively engage with staff at all levels at various prison locations and allows for direct interaction and feedback.

Further, it addresses potential issues or concerns within the prison system with the aim to improve overall operational efficiency and create a safer environment for both staff and inmates.

The government has allocated $5.5 billion in 2022 for its comprehensive reform and modernisation plan for the Guyana Prison Service.

The proposal is to reform the service from being purely punitive to corrective by fostering an environment that ensures custodial safety and prioritises inmate rehabilitation.

Moreover, $88.9 billion was expended in 2022 to facilitate block-making, basic agriculture, and culinary training for 1,400 inmates.

The Director of Prisons during one of his visits

It is projected that an additional $100 million will be expended in 2023 to train 1,500 inmates aiming to facilitate their successful reintegration into society

Further, the government plans to enhance the competency of prison staff by investing in training programmes for over 400 personnel this year.

These initiatives underline the government’s commitment to ensure effectiveness in management within the service and general reform.

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