‘We want to build a stronger relationship with the public” – Police Commissioner

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) will work towards building a better relationship with the public, following all established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to ensure that there is no conflict between police and members of the public.

Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken, while addressing more than 1, 900 participants of the traditional Route March to mark the Force’s 184th Anniversary, noted that things are about to change in the force.

Police Commissioner Clifton Hicken and other senior members of the Police Force

The Guyana Police Force’s Strategic Plan now places a strong focus on partnership with the Public.

“From today henceforth, we will maintain ethical standards and professionalism as we serve or provide service to members of the public. We have established SOPs. We have established a line of command. In fact, the Guyana Police Force is a tall structure and so it is bureaucratic in nature…at all levels you have supervision,” he told the gathering. 

Hicken also thanked the parents of the serving officers for entrusting their children to the care of the Force.

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn takes the salute

The top cop noted that once the GPF is supported by the parents and the public, it would be second to none in the Caribbean

“The level of training will be enhanced. The level of professionalism will be enhanced. And so, it is expected that from today, henceforth, there will be strict compliance with the SOPs and there will be no conflict with members of the public. If you breach SOPs only then you can have conflict with members of the public and we are going to mitigate against that,” he added.  

The recently concluded Local Government Elections, he pointed out was incident-free and this shows that the force is building its capacity.

Members of the Guyana Police force participate in the Route March

“We are going to focus on the community and building relationships. So, we are not going to spend much time in our offices, but we are going to be in the communities in which we were established to serve.”

The GPF was established on July 1, 1839, and its branches include the Criminal Investigation Department, the Public Relations Unit, the Mounted Branch, the Central Immigration and Passport Office, the Police Band, Traffic, Special Branch and the Canine Unit, among others.

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