Tourism landscape continues to expand as gov’t markets ‘Destination Guyana’ – Local tour operator

As the government continues to market ‘Destination Guyana’ and strives to meet the demands of the changing tourism landscape, Managing Director of Rainforest Tours and local tourism pioneer, Frank Singh is echoing the call for diversification in the sector and for more persons to join the efforts aimed at making Guyana the premier tourist destination. 

During an interview with the Department of Public Information on Tuesday, Singh said, “We have more inflow of people because of the oil. Everybody sees Guyana as a destination. We are getting to be known now because a lot of people before have never known us. So, we have to get more institutions.”

Managing Director of Rainforest Tours Frank Singh

Singh noted that there is a need for more luxury accommodation in some parts of the country.

In this regard, government is on a mission to provide 2,000 additional luxury hotel rooms by 2025 and several new branded hotels are under construction.

Rainforest Tours is a licensed tour operator

Also, it has published an Expression of Interest for luxury eco-tourism facilities in various parts of Guyana.

Singh said this type of development is necessary for the industry.

He noted, “You will find tourists who are accustomed to the high amenities but they would go out in the field and get a bruise up and a little sun and a mosquito bite, but when they go back into the comfort…They need a comfort zone. So, we have to look at that too, and those are the people who looking to Guyana now.”

A Rainforest Tours trip to Santa Mission

The Guyana Tourism Authority has been playing its part in training stakeholders as operators and tour guides, while also promoting local tour companies on the international market.

Singh noted that the work of the GTA has helped greatly in regulating the sector.

“When we started, there was no Guyana Tourism Authority to set rules or regulations. In the early days, it was trial and error…and trying to make it better. Those days you use to listen to hear say as we say to try to get things done better, but now that we have the Guyana Tourism Authority, we are a little better now because they set the rules and regulations and guidelines which we have to follow so it becomes a little easier for us as tour operators now,” Singh said.

On tour with Rainforest Tours at Kaieteur National Park

He added that there are great prospects for tourism in Guyana and everyone needs to come on board, not only those directly involved in the sector but the wider public.

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