Implementation of key policy measures being actively pursued by gov’t

Several policy measures are actively being considered by the government, including the implementation of a national zoning plan, aimed at rationalising land use and optimising resource allocation.

President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali addressing the media on Wednesday during a press conference at Office of the President, said focus is being placed on developing a comprehensive regional and urban planning framework.

Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana

The president emphasised his government’s commitment to addressing matters including solid waste management and the proposed Solid Waste Management bill.

The administration wants to establish a comprehensive framework for managing and disposing of solid waste across the country, addressing concerns related to environmental sustainability and public health.

Another critical aspect highlighted is the need for modern and efficient infrastructure. The government is working on a national infrastructure master plan, which seeks to prioritise infrastructure development projects, enhance connectivity, and bolster economic growth.

Further, Dr. Ali emphasised his commitment to fostering inclusive governance by establishing a framework for national consultation and updating the poverty reduction strategy.

He said conceptual discussions are ongoing on the national gas strategy, regional food hub, the regional energy hub, repositioning traditional sectors to more value-added, the conceptual work on the national manpower master plan, and community safety response infrastructure

“This community safety response infrastructure includes the CDC, creating back a volunteer group to support fire brigade back into communities, the community policing group and finalisation of national border patrol unit role, so that we can move towards implementation,” President Ali explained.

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