Over 4,000 teachers trained to use renewed curricula at nursery, primary schools – President Ali

The government is advancing efforts to ensure that robust measures are in place for the effective delivery of quality education at all levels.  

As such, a total of 4,213 teachers were trained to utilise the renewed curricula at the nursery and primary levels nationwide.  

Teacher and students in a classroom

During a press conference on Wednesday, President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali underlined that the transformed curricula accommodate many learning styles.

By the end of this year, a total of 4,913 teachers would have completed this training to deliver the renewed curriculum. A five-year strategic operational plan has been developed that will inform the attention given to our students with special needs education.”

The curricula strive to promote more inclusivity by acknowledging that every child has distinctive abilities that should be recognised in all learning contexts.  

Additionally, learning through a variety of adaptive, flexible, and diversified instructional methodologies is accommodated.

The updated curricula include several elements that address the country’s particular setting and reflect the diversity of the nation.

They also emphasise the fundamental academic skills that every educated person in Guyana should have, including the ability to collaborate and communicate well with others, be proficient in literacy and numeracy, and be in a good physical and psychological state of mind.

The renewed curriculum for nursery level was piloted in 103 schools in 2022.

A total of 57 master trainers, who were trained, were in charge of educating nursery school instructors nationwide.

Teacher and students in a classroom

The renewed curriculum encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision making.

The introduction of this in nursery schools will allow for transformation in the delivery of the curriculum at the nursery level, and promises to be highly child-centred, as well as teacher and parent-friendly.

The five thematic areas of study in this curriculum include personal, social and civic responsibility, mathematics, language arts, discovery and invention, and well-being. 

The second phase of the renewed curriculum for primary schools is anticipated to take place in Education Districts One, Seven, Eight, and Nine during the 2023–2024 academic year.

On June 21, 2022, Master Trainers began involving classroom teachers from Grades One through Four in the national training exercise.

Dr Ali further highlighted that a programme was launched on Wednesday where 1,500 teachers will be doing a specialised course with the University of the West Indies (UWI) to enhance their skills in teaching, reading, and comprehension.

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