Over 400 inmates equipped with skillsets to aid reintegration

Over 420 inmates housed at the Lusignan, New Amsterdam, Camp Street and Timehri Prisons have graduated from training programmes, which have now equipped them with skillsets to aid their reintegration into society.

Some 422 inmates graduated over the past few weeks after completing the programmes, which are intended to provide them with skills to find a job and earn a living wage.

Some of the inmates who recently completed training programmes

The Guyana Prison Service (GPS) said the inmates were trained in areas including family reconciliation, domestic violence, literacy, citizenship and the law, and psychology.

Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot while addressing separate graduation ceremonies reminded that it is the mandate of the GPS to provide inmates with skills that would facilitate their reintegration.

He noted that it will also help them to realise their mistakes and make them better individuals in society.

“The various programmes are just another phase to assist and strengthen the rehabilitation of inmates that are currently incarcerated. The programmes also signify the important step that the Prison Service is taking to fully rehabilitate the inmates,” Elliot stated.

Some of the inmates who recently completed training programmes

“You must consider yourselves fortunate that you have been chosen. We hope that the programmes that you have participated in will help you understand where you have gone wrong and encourage you to be better citizens once you are released back into your communities,” he told inmates.

Last year 1,400 inmates were trained in block making, basic agriculture and culinary arts, at a cost of $88.9 million.

Some $100 million has been allocated to further train 1,500 inmates in the various prison facilities across Guyana in 2023.

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