Several development projects being undertaken in Chenapou Village aimed at improving livelihoods

Chenapou, an Amerindian village in Region Eight, is advancing its development, utilising funds provided by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs through the Presidential Grants programme and the Economic Investment Fund.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai recently inspected some of the projects being undertaken by the Chenapou Village Council and expressed satisfaction with the pace of works.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai

These include a village guest house that is being constructed with funds from the presidential grant, which is provided annually by the ministry, as well as an information and communications technology (ICT) hub, intended to bridge the communication gap in the village.

“I am very pleased that the village has been able to complete these two projects…They have a rich culture here. They have a [water] fall up the river and they have a lot of wildlife. They have flora, fauna, and more so, the people are very friendly and hospitable,” Minister Sukhai said while speaking on the village’s tourism potential.

Minister Sukhai was accompanied by Project Coordinator, Besham Ramsaywack and Community Development Officer (CDO), Kurt Perreia

The guest house is currently in the furnishing stage and is expected to be completed within six weeks. The ICT hub is complete and is awaiting the installation of computer systems and internet connectivity.

Minister Sukhai also commended the residents for their eagerness to develop the community.

“I think Chenapou is moving apace and they have shown their willingness to advance their village and to ensure that they enter into sustainable sectors too,” the minister told the Department of Public Information (DPI), after inspecting the projects.

Deputy Toshao, Derrick Williams

Meanwhile, Deputy Toshao Derrick Williams expressed appreciation to the government for supporting their journey in advancing development and creating economic independence through the various projects.

“For this benab, particularly, we’re going to benefit in ways like accommodating guests. It could be tourists, it could be passersby, it could be government officials,” Williams stated.

The guest house being constructed in the village of Chenapou

Chenapou is also going to benefit from additional revenues earned from the sale of Guyana’s carbon credits.

Minister Sukhai was accompanied by Project Coordinator, Besham Ramsaywack, and Community Development Officer (CDO), Kurt Perreia.

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