Bed and breakfast facilities have until July 31 to register with GTA, ahead of Cricket Carnival

As the Cricket Carnival season approaches, bed and breakfast establishments that wish to get registered with the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) have a deadline of Monday, July 31 to do so.

Manager of Training and Licensing at the GTA, Tamika Inglis during an interview with the Department of Public Information on Tuesday, said there has been good feedback from the bed and breakfast programme which started several years ago.  

Manager of Training and Licensing at the Guyana Tourism Authority, Tamika Inglis

“So far, so good. We have about 21 properties that have been approved, that is we would have done the inspections, gone through the entire process with them and they are good to go and that is like a capacity of about 156 rooms so far,” Inglis noted.

In order for properties to be given conditional approval to host persons for the cricket carnival season, certain criteria have to be met.

Inglis said teams would visit the properties to ensure standards are met.

“Ensuring that your property is clean and presentable, that every room has a bed, you have the basic amenities, fridge, stove, things of that nature, that you have fire extinguisher within the property and have signages as it relates to no smoking, have a smoke detector, things of that nature, we ensure that persons would have had on their property before we go through with that approval.”

Shortly, a survey will be launched to gather detailed feedback on how the initiative is progressing.

Inglis added that, We want to ensure that one you are trained in hospitality or customer service, so we have a delivering quality service training that we usually do, so we will be providing persons with that training as well as first aid and CPR.”

The Bed and Breakfast initiative aims to improve the country’s accommodation capacity for the Caribbean Premier League and Cricket Carnival season.

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