Contractor working on Conversation Tree Road Project flagged for poor performance

A letter of poor performance will immediately be issued to Kallco Guyana Inc, the contracting company executing works on the second leg of the Conversation Tree to Dennis Street project in Georgetown.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, made the disclosure following an inspection of ongoing works on Tuesday.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill engaging contractors on the project site

The minister’s visit to the area is in response to concerns raised by residents of Campbellville and Bel-Air.

Speaking with the media following his inspection, the public works minister expressed his dissatisfaction with the pace of works on the project and noted that this will be dealt with on an administrative level.

The project was split into two lots. Lot 8 A of the project is being executed by S. Jagmohan Construction and General Supplies Inc., to the tune of $$1,066, 358,738, while Lot 8 B was awarded to Trinidad company, Kallco Guyana Inc., to the tune of $830,293,458.

The minister noted that works appear to be moving apace on Lot 8 A of the project, and the contractors were advised to double up on the work to ensure that this progress continues.

However, he said that very little progress is being made on the second leg of the project. Approximately 65 per cent of the time has elapsed, with only 25 per cent of the work completed.

Ongoing works on the Conversation Tree to Dennis Street project

“I’ve instructed that Kallco meet me at my office next Monday, for us to be able to determine if this project continues with them, or we will terminate. Both contractors need to up their game. This project needs to be finished. We are flagging it, especially this section being done by Kallco, as a case of concern, and we have to address it administratively,” he emphasised.

Clear instructions will be given to these contractors to ensure that citizens are not unnecessarily inconvenienced.

Issues relating to stagnant water breeding mosquitos were brought up, and the minister instructed the contractors to have these addressed immediately. Minister Edghill stressed the importance of contractors communicating with residents while executing works.

“I have asked to meet with the Community Liaison Officer on this project. This is her job, to be able to ensure that the community issues are addressed. So, while the contractor is busy working, there is somebody who is dealing with the residents and their concerns,” the minister stated.

The project is expected to be completed by November 5, 2023.

The project begins at the Conversation Tree corridor and is approximately 1.9 kilometres from the East Coast Demerara Highway and will connect to Dennis Street. It will also be linked to Sheriff Street from the Dennis Street corridor.

Ongoing works on the Conversation Tree to Dennis Street project

Works on this project will also entail the construction of a four-lane carriageway from the East Coast Highway to Delhi Street.

It includes a double-lane carriageway on the reserve west of Delhi Street for northbound traffic and will also see the implementation of concrete revetments between the East Coast Demerara Highway and Railway Embankment, and concrete drains on both sides of the proposed roadway between the railway embankment and Delhi Street.

The construction of two large concrete bridges to establish a connection to Dennis Street is also part of the works.

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