US$190M Linden to Mabura Road vital to improving lives, enhancing hinterland logistics

Following a recent report in the local media, the Ministry of Natural takes this opportunity to clarify the importance of the US$190 million Linden to Mabura Road. This project stands alongside scores of others as part of the Government of Guyana’s commitment to improving connectivity across the length and breadth of our country.

The Linden to Mabura Road is an integral part of the broader Georgetown to Lethem corridor development initiative. It is planned to extend for a distance of 121 kilometres, featuring a spacious 7.2 meters wide carriageway. For the convenience and safety of cyclists and pedestrians, a dedicated lane measuring two meters wide will be included. Additionally, the road will have ten bus stops thoughtfully equipped with ramps to accommodate persons with disabilities. As part of the project, several bridges and culverts will undergo replacement, and a total of 123 lights will be installed along the route to enhance visibility and safety. By enhancing connectivity, this road is expected to facilitate improved trade and ground transportation between Guyana and Brazil.

One of the primary advantages of this road is the drastic improvement it offers to logistics in the hinterland. Transporting goods and resources between Linden and Mabura continues to be a laborious and costly process. With the road’s completion, it will allow for the efficient movement of goods, making it easier for businesses to operate, reducing transportation costs, and promoting economic growth in the hinterland region.

Further to this, the improved logistics will also facilitate the exploration and development of our natural resources in the hinterland. The availability of a reliable transportation corridor enhances the accessibility of mining and forestry operations, contributing to increased economic opportunities in these industries while ensuring sustainable resource management practices.

The road also plays a pivotal role in enhancing tourism in the region. Guyana’s unique hinterland biodiversity can now be more easily explored by tourists and researchers, providing a potential boost to ecotourism and supporting the preservation of our rich natural heritage.

Beyond its economic significance, the Linden to Mabura Road significantly impacts the lives of residents and other commuters. The road provides crucial connectivity to communities that were previously isolated, fostering social integration and improving access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and other public amenities. Access to these services can lead to a better quality of life and increased opportunities for education and skill development.

This road project also brings about increased safety and security within the hinterland. The improved infrastructure allows for quicker response times in emergencies and facilitates the movement of law enforcement personnel and emergency services, making these remote areas safer for residents and visitors alike.

It is for the foregoing benefits, amongst others, that the ministry reaffirms its conviction that the Linden to Mabura Road project is a vital and beneficial project. The government remains committed to furthering infrastructure projects that promote sustainable growth and development across our nation.

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