‘Respect the Road’ campaign launched to address fatal accidents

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Monday launched its ‘Respect the Road’ campaign, as part of its mandate to address fatal accidents on the nation’s roadways.

The campaign was launched during day two of the force’s symposium underway at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, under the theme‘Improving Police Performance through Stakeholders’ Approach.’

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Been during the ceremony

Addressing the gathering, Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn noted that the reduction in accidents and fatalities can only be done by collaborating with various governmental and non-governmental bodies.

As such, he encouraged both the private and public sectors to partner and work along with the force. 

“I want 3,000 persons coming in to give support to the police officers on the road in respect to helping the police to manage and sustain their presence. We have to have greater presence to make enforcement positive and useful,” Minister Benn stressed.

A group of Senior Police Officers at the launching of ‘Respect the Road Campaign’

According to the home affairs minister, although the number of accidents and fatalities reduced within the last 16 years, newer strategies and policies are needed to have these numbers remain at a minimum.

“The government through its agency has the responsibility to protect the lives of our people, especially our young people who have the greatest potential to aid in the development of our country,” the minister stated.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Clifton Hicken

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police (ag), Clifton Hicken, said the GPF plans to implement more traffic mechanisms.

“We have been working with road councils across the regions. We have been going into schools. But derived from this road safety plan, we are going to do things in a more comprehensive way. We are going to hammer implementation at every level and we are going to see the results we need,” the top cop stated. 

The force will also be making road signs more noticeable.

“We are going to have small working groups to meet certain criteria in terms of appointing arrangements. So, we are going to have persons dealing specifically with the driving schools and other areas,” Commissioner Hicken added.

Officers at the ceremony

The GPF has been working closely with the Guyana Fire Service, and a command centre has since been established to render immediate assistance with road accidents.

Further, Traffic Officer, Dennis Stephen, said more traffic ranks will be placed at various locations to deal with reckless motorists.

“This campaign will enable us to carry out more awareness to target all the regions and able to address road safety,” the senior officer said.

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