Gov’t continues to lay the foundation to ensure Guyana remains highly competitive, advancement in key sectors – President Ali

The Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali – led Government continues to build out a framework that will see Guyana remaining highly competitive and every sector further developed by 2030.

As a matter of fact, President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has emphasised that his administration wants Guyana to hold a high degree of goodwill and respect, even as major emphasis is being placed on several developmental projects.

One of the many housing schemes being developed in the country

“We have been able to set a new paradigm for Guyana. We are going to position Guyana as an important global leader in three of the most challenging crises that the world face. That is food, energy, and climate. We have the credentials; we have the philosophy and the policies,” President Ali stressed during a recent interview with a Guyanese journalist in China. 

The head of state noted the high international and regional esteem that Guyana has already accomplished, is not credited to the government only, but all citizens who worked equally in the effort.

Acres of rice fields

“Health care, education, infrastructure, technological transformation, the delivery of jobs, the expansion of housing, the opening up of opportunities for the vulnerable, the support for the elderly, women and children. Integrating all of Guyana in the development frame and advancement of our country are things that we are very, proud of,” Dr. Ali stated.

The president added that the government is in the process of revitalising the agriculture sector, ensuring food security remains on the front burner.

Photovoltaic systems

It is also investing in human development, modernisation and technological advancement of the country, and infrastructure expansion that will support the best possible deliverables and services to citizens.

“I think one of the very important aspects of the government over the last three years is that we have been able to centralise people at the core of what we do. All the action that we take is bringing people at the core and it’s not a hierarchical movement where someone is at the top and passing things down at the bottom. It’s a matrix approach to leadership, development, service… where the people are at the centre and a service that the government offers surrounds the people,” the president explained.

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