New road at St. Cuthbert’s Mission improving lives, economic activities

The ongoing infrastructure projects at St Cuthbert’s Mission, Region Four, are already yielding tangible benefits, including employment opportunities and empowering residents to establish and grow their businesses.

In May, several community participation contracts totalling nearly $90 million were signed between the residents of the community and the Ministry of Public Works.

Timothy Andrews Toshao of St Cuthbert’s Mission

This intervention followed a visit and a commitment made by President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali earlier this year.

Recently, the Department of Public Information (DPI) sat down with Toshao Timothy Andrews, who explained that the construction of the 900 metres reinforced concrete road in the central part of the village, is making life easier for residents.

Member of the community working on the road being built in the community

He said apart from enhancing the outlook of the community, some 60 persons were able to gain employment.

“Apart from that, it would have birthed our first outdoor snackette business and we are encouraging more persons to come and be a part of this business. This brings a more comfortable environment for persons going to and back to school, visiting the health centre,” Toshao Andrews stated.

The community leader was also excited to disclose that all eight contractors assigned to the projects are from the village.

Member of the community working on the road being built in the community

“The majority of the funds allocated for this project came directly into the village, apart from the materials. We purchase the materials from outside, but the majority of the funds are being circulated here now…It’s a great boost for the community. It’s a great boost for our economy in here,” Andrews added.

Additionally, he noted that the opportunity also allowed the contractors to prove themselves and their abilities to secure future contracts.

The weather has caused some delays in the completion of the road, however so far only speed bumps need to be added and the road will be complete.

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