All must work together to improve services to communities – President Ali

-newly elected Mayors, Deputy Mayors sworn in

His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali said that all, regardless of political affiliation, must work together to improve services being offered to communities across the country.

The President made the statement during his address to the newly elected Mayors and Deputy Mayors of the ten municipalities at the Swearing-in Ceremony at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre.

President Ali with elected Mayors of all municipalities

“There are no winners when communities and public assets are neglected or fall into decay. I offer a hand of friendship and support to all local government bodies. Central government stands as a partner in development. We’re ready to partner with you based on mutual respect, accountability, and inclusivity.”

The President underscored the importance of collaboration between the Central Government and the local authorities in bolstering local governance and ensuring that citizens have access to improved services.

“Local government elections are over. It is now the time to work collectively to pursue the development and advancement of the people, all our people in all of Guyana, every single region.”

He emphasised that his government has demonstrated its ability and philosophy of working with all the people of Guyana, adding that the government is strongly committed to bringing people together and promoting important ideas that can transform communities.

“This government has demonstrated its firmness in the unification of our people, in the expansion of ideas that are critical and important for the transformation of every community, every society.”

President Ali with elected Deputy Mayors of all municipalities

The Head of State reminded of the massive transformation his government has undertaken in every sphere of development and national life, including housing, infrastructure, water, education, health care, among others.

President Ali added that Guyana is in the throes of an exciting process of economic and social transformation, and the remaining decade will be one of rapid growth and the establishment of a more modern, diversified, and resilient economy. He said that his government is building the foundation and setting the framework for what the country will be in 2030 and beyond that will advance development not only for Guyana’s citizens but also for the entire region.

“Over the next seven years. I will continue to lead a government that would build and advance an integrated framework for national development that would focus on sustainability, resilience and competitiveness of our country and our economy. The progress must be manifested at all levels of our system of government; national, regional and local. This is why local government is so important. It is vital to ensure that the dividends of development permeate through our towns, villages and communities.”

The President emphasised the importance of adopting a new approach to governance, one that aligns with the needs of modern times. This fresh approach to governance, according to the President, should also align with financial accountability, diligence in revenue collection, protection and preservation of public assets, timely and efficient services, greater responsiveness to citizens, and an end to internal discord.

President Ali and Reg 10 Vice Chairman Mark Goring

The mayor and deputy mayors sworn in are: Georgetown: Mayor Alfred Mentore and Deputy Mayor Denise Miller; New Amsterdam: Mayor Wainwright McIntosh and Deputy Mayor Kirk Fraser; Corriverton: Mayor Imran Amin and Deputy Mayor Satyanand Ramraj; Rose Hall: Mayor Dave Budhu and Deputy Mayor Roydel Lewis; Linden: Mayor Kuice Sharma Solomon and Deputy Mayor  Dominique Blair; Anna Regina: Mayor Devin Mohan and Deputy Mayor Lorna Fitzallen; Mabaruma: Mayor Trevi Leung and Deputy Mayor Liane Ann Persaud; Lethem: Mayor John Macedo and Deputy Mayor Indira Singh; Bartica: Martin Murray and Deputy Mayor Gail Ann Persaud; Mahdia: Eslyn Gail Ramascindo-Hussain and Deputy Mayor Akita John,

The Vice Chairman of Region Ten, Mark Goring, was also sworn in today.

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