Gov’t pledges continued support to Afro-Guyanese communities

─ at launch of Association of People of African Descent

The government has recommitted its support for Afro-Guyanese communities across the country, as part of its efforts to ensure the livelihood of all Guyanese.

This was reaffirmed by Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with Responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy on Sunday, at the launch of the Association of People of African Descent (APAD) at Parc Rayne.

Minister McCoy expressed hopes that the association will develop into a full-fledged representative body, advocating for Afro-Guyanese in collaboration with the government.

He assured that the government is a key stakeholder that any group in society can work with, as it is responsive, understanding, and committed to working in partnership to address the issues faced by the Afro-Guyanese community.

You have a very willing partner in the government of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, to work with Afro-Guyanese and to work with you in the most genuine ways, to make sure that the issues that affect Afro-Guyanese are discussed,” the minister stated.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond, encouraged the new association to engage with the various groups they represent and let their voices be the guiding principles of their advocacy.

This approach is one that the government has employed, in its people-centred agenda for development, the minister explained.

“There is a reason why, as a government, you see us all around the country, going into communities and listening to what they say. You can’t rule and understand what the needs of the people are in an ivory tower. You have to go to the ground and speak with the people,” she added.  

She stressed the importance of the various organisations coming together to highlight their concerns, and that government will continue to listen to and address these concerns.

“There is nothing that you will say or ask or any idea that will be shut down. As you speak on behalf of an organisation and on behalf of a people, everything that you say has merit or credit,” the tourism minister assured.

The Association of People of African Descent is aimed at bringing together Afro-Guyanese organisations, to empower and uplift persons of African descent, promoting unity and effecting social change.

Additionally, it aims to create a platform for Afro-Guyanese to have access to the necessary resources to achieve their goals.

APAD’s Chairman, Andrew Douglas said the association is committed to transparency, accountability and collaboration, dedicated to contributing to Guyana’s development through collective action.

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