GNBS urging persons to get their concrete blocks tested before use

As the construction sector expands, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) is urging persons to utilise its services to test their hollow blocks and concrete cubes to ensure the structural integrity of buildings being constructed.

GNBS Laboratory Technician, Detroy Dey explained to DPI that persons using the service are required to submit at least three blocks to be tested.

Detroy Dey-Laboratory Technician – GNBS

“When the blocks are submitted, we do dimension, where we check for the accuracy against the national standard, we then cap the blocks, the faces of the blocks and we do the compressive strength test. With regards to absorption, we soak the blocks for 24 hours, we take it out, put into the oven for another 24 hours then we check the weight between the initial and final,” Dey said.

The technician noted that the compressive strength, water absorption and dimension accuracy are tested.

The agency has received reports of sub-standard blocks.

Concrete Blocks

“With the building expo coming up, I urge persons to submit their blocks for testing. It helps with the standard practices for building construction. If these blocks are not up to standard or if it does not reach the requirements stated in the national standard, we are to have buildings crumbling,” he pointed out.

The testing typically takes a minimum of three days and a report is issued two days later.

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