Region Ten youths excited for opportunity to be trained as Community Health Workers

Young people embarking on the six-month training course to become Community Health Workers in Region Ten have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to improve their lives and serve in a critical sector.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke to a few persons following the launch of the programme at the Bamia Health Centre on Saturday, where participants will be trained over the period.

Eighteen-year-old Rohan Debideen of Swan

Eighteen-year-old Rohan Debideen, who is the only male in the programme, hails from the community of Swan. He explained that he applied to the programme because he felt it was an opportunity to change his life for the better.

“It feels good to be accepted by the programme and just help the persons in the community to help [improve] their lives,” he said.

Seventeen-year-old Latchmi Mangar, who hails from Speightland

Seventeen-year-old Latchmi Mangar of Speightland said she applied to the programme because she was eager to assist in making a much-needed change in the health sector.

“I wanted to be one of the persons to step out and help. So, when I got accepted, I was just thankful. That’s the main thing, I was very, very thankful,” she stated.

The aspiring paediatrician further related that, “I like helping people, and that’s the main thing…. I am expecting to gain everything that I need from this programme.”

She also expressed thanks to the Government of Guyana for the programme.

Meanwhile, Kayla Fredericks, from Wairuni along the Berbice River, also thanked the government for what she said is a ‘wonderful initiative’.

Kayla Fredericks, from Wairuni, along the Berbice River

“I decided to apply for this programme because we need more health workers in our village. There are two, and our village is very large. Sometimes they are not in the area, and people need help. I know that I can make a difference in my community, so that’s why I applied… I want to pursue this Community Health work and I want to upgrade, be a nurse, and I know that I can make a difference in my community,” she explained.

She expressed her happiness at being selected to receive the training, and voiced her intention to encourage others from her village to enrol in upcoming programmes so that they, too, can benefit from job opportunities after the training ends.

Another trainee from Great Falls, Upper Demerara River, Teshana Couchman, told DPI, “I applied for the programme because I have always wanted to get into the health stream, and I feel really happy to know that I’m selected.”

Teshana Couchman, a trainee from Great Falls

Couchman, who is an aspiring midwife, committed to working her way up from being a Community Health Worker and continue climbing the ladder to reach her goals.

“I want to thank the government for bringing up this programme, and I’m really thankful for what they’re doing,” she related.

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