Region One to benefit from new stelling as transportation services improve

Government is working assiduously to improve transportation services in Guyana and is focusing its attention on a new stelling in Region One, following the inaugural voyage of the MV MA Lisha vessel which recently arrived in that region.  

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill on Friday last announced that the government has entered into agreements for the construction of the new stelling.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill handing out tokens in Region One

“The people of Mabaruma and Kumaka might be pleased to know that we have already signed a contract, and the consultancy services for the vision of that contract are in place for the building of a new stelling,” he reiterated.

The construction of the state-of-the-art stelling is set to revolutionise the docking of the MV MA Lisha at Independence Road, Port Kaituma.

Beyond Port Kaituma, the government’s commitment to progress is equally evident at the Kingston stelling in Georgetown.

“We recognise that sometimes when passengers arrive there, there are not adequate facilities. We want to be able to improve the facilities at Georgetown,” Minister Edghill noted.

The minister also highlighted the government’s continued effort to change cultural norms and, in this regard, has streamlined the “Ferry pass” app to eliminate persons lining up in the early morning hours to travel.

The innovative online booking system enables passengers to book, pay, and secure their spots with ease.

The impact of these enhancements stretches far beyond convenience, as the MV MA Lisha’s expanded carrying capacity holds promising implications for Guyana’s agricultural sector.

“The carrying capacity of this boat should help all the farmers in Region One to return to the land,” the minister noted.

And with President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s strong focus on agriculture, this improvement in transportation is poised to facilitate the transport of produce such as ginger and turmeric from farms to markets efficiently and effectively.

 “We are going to continue to improve service,” the minister reassured.

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