New motor cross park opens on Saturday at Mainstay, Region Two

August 26 is expected to be an exhilarating day at Mainstay on the Essequibo Coast, with the grand opening of the first motor cross park on the Essequibo Coast.

Mainstay has long been a favourite destination for persons visiting the Essequibo and the new park promises to add to the activities that persons can be engaged in when visiting the community.

Joel Fredericks

The initiative is the brainchild of former Toshao Joel Fredericks who also grew up in the community.

It’s something new for the Essequibo and I would want to say for the country also. Because it’s a big park and our vision for the park is that people could come from all over Guyana to ride. Many times, people come to Mainstay, they enjoy the lake, they enjoy the resort, the beach, and they want something else to do and that is why we create this park,” Fredericks said during a recent interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

The opening of the park will feature a grass track which will see a number of bikers from various parts of Guyana in competition.

“We are having the riders from Georgetown, that is Motor Sharks, the riders from Bartica, Red Dirt, Mahdia and Essequibo competing for this opening, we also have the quad race on that day and other events,” he noted.

Biker practicing on the track

Fredericks is appreciative of the support received so far in bringing his vision to life. He thanked the sponsors of the activity, including the Government of Guyana.

“The beauty of Essequibo is when you come into these villages and you have the experience there. Now, the motor cross park as a sport in Guyana is growing and that is why we see that on the Essequibo Coast. We have a lot of like-minded people and they are coming on board because we want to make it safe. We don’t want them to be racing on the road and these things,” he stated.

Fredericks said the event will be an annual activity and more features will be added.

The new motor cross park is situated in the vicinity of the airstrip.

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