20 women living with disabilities being trained in garment construction at Learning Lab

In an effort to provide inclusivity and equal opportunities, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security is training Persons living with disabilities (PWDs) at the ‘Learning Lab’, a training and empowerment centre.

Currently, some 20 women are receiving comprehensive training in garment construction, marking the third training session to be conducted at the Learning Lab.

1- 10 Persons living with disabilities undergoing garment construction training

This training facility stands as a testament to the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering an environment that caters to their unique needs with the necessary tools to lead independent lives.

The curriculum’s trajectory so far has been one of empowerment. It commenced with training in basic computer skills tailored for persons living with disabilities, followed by a specialised basic computer skills training for visually impaired persons using Job Access with Speech (JAWS) software.

By the end of this specific training cycle, the tally of beneficiaries will stand at an impressive 54 individuals since the programme’s inauguration in July.

Classes are meticulously designed to meet the diverse requirements of PWDs to ensure that personalised attention and support are seamlessly woven into the learning experience.

Additional programmess to come on stream include an eight-day Adult Literacy and Numeracy course.

Further, the ministry is actively exploring avenues such as sustainable agriculture and audio-visual editing, envisioning a holistic educational landscape that addresses a spectrum of interests and aspirations.

These programmes will be rolled out in every region once there is a cohort of 10- 15 persons.

Meanwhile, the government has trained over 300 persons living with disabilities over the past 12 months and is committed to creating equal opportunities, resources and a nurturing environment to foster growth and empowerment.

Persons interested in registering for the programme must be 16 years and older, living with a disability and passionate about learning. Interested persons can contact the ministry at 259-3559 or pwdlearninglab@mhsss.gov.gy.

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