National Clean-Up Exercise a resounding Success

The recent national enhancement exercise, spearheaded by President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, stands as a tremendous success. The event, held on Saturday, September 2, 2023, was coordinated by the National Enhancement Committee, chaired by Minister Deodat Indar.

Several public agencies, including townships and Neighborhood Democratic Councils (NDCs), as well as private sector stakeholders and other dedicated volunteers, actively participated in the activity, spanning all administrative regions. In Region 4 alone, 1,400 participants were involved in the exercise.

The primary objective of this exercise was to enhance the country’s environment, fostering pristine, green spaces in preparation for the 2023 One Guyana Cricket Carnival, which promises to draw thousands of visitors to Guyana.

The National Enhancement Committee extends its profound gratitude to all stakeholders who generously contributed resources, including machinery, garbage disposal supplies, manpower, and other items, thereby playing an indispensable role in the resounding success of this campaign.

Some private sector partners that have made immense contributions include the GCCI, PSC, C. Jorree Farming and Contracting Services, Khan’s Construction and Transportation Services Inc., M&B Construction, R. Williams Trucking and Equipment Services, C&L Construction Inc., Zeboo & Sons Construction, Rim Construction, Joe Jagmohan Company, Tiger Tanks, ARONCO, Correia and Correia Ltd., Puran Brothers, Cevons Waste Management, Guyana Waste Solutions, National Hardware, New GPC, and Sandip Waste Disposal Inc., among others. All stakeholders are encouraged to continue to fulfill their civic duty to ensure our environment remains clean for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.

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