President Ali says Public, private collaboration will elevate Guyana’s health sector

With tremendous transformation underway in Guyana’s health sector, it is essential that the public and private sectors work together to promote the national vision of elevating quality of healthcare delivery.

This was according to His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali on Friday evening as he commissioned the Eureka Urgent Care Clinic and Pharmacy on Thomas Street.

The head of state reminded that the government is working to build a robust and resilient healthcare sector.

This vision requires seamless collaboration between the public and private sectors to facilitate each other’s development and to ensure that a key priority is quality in the delivery of service.

“What we were able to achieve was a holistic integration of our healthcare infrastructure, and that is what is important. I do not see the investment in healthcare by all the stakeholders in Guyana as competition. I see it as part of a holistic infrastructure that is supporting the vision of the country, and that vision is to build a healthcare system that is second to none,” he said.

This process of seamless integration also sees government outsourcing labour for specialised services as the need arises.

“The government is on an extensive expansion of healthcare facilities across the country, and we do not see that in any way conflicting with the investment of the private sector, because there are niches that public health cannot offer, and if we are to build a national healthcare infrastructure that will be export earning oriented, then we have to get all of these facilities delivering at an optimum level, and that is exactly what we have here,” President Ali added.

With the opening of this third location, Guyanese can enjoy improved access to specialised healthcare in a timely manner.

Further, the establishment of urgent care facilities eases the burdens on emergency rooms across the country, while providing faster services to patients with non-life-threatening medical needs.

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