Charity gets new $28.3M agro-processing facility

A $28.3 million agro-processing facility was on Friday commissioned by Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha in Charity along the Essequibo Coast, Region Two.

The opening of the state-of-the-art food processing plant marks a significant step towards harnessing the untapped potential of the local agro-processing industry.

$28.3M agro-processing facility commissioned at Charity

During his address at the ceremony, Minister Mustapha expressed the government’s commitment to the development of the agro-processing sector.

He highlighted that the new facility is part of a broader initiative to operationalise multiple agro-processing facilities nationwide.

Minister Mustapha examines produce at the processing plant

The new food factory is expected to benefit more than 300 stakeholders, including farmers, agro-processors, and the region’s women and youth.

Its impressive production capacity is projected at 24,000 litres of cassareep and 3,600 litres of sauces and seasonings per month, contributing significantly to the region’s agro-product output.

With the facility now available, the region can anticipate enhanced agricultural productivity, increased employment opportunities, and a brighter future for its agro-processing industry there.

Green seasoning bottled and ready for the market

The government plans to establish about 13 agro-processing facilities nationwide by the end of 2023, an ambitious goal that shows its dedication to food security.

Two new processing facilities are expected to be established in Crabwood Creek and Orealla in Region Six this year.

Last year, agri-business incubators were established in several locations across the country, including Parika, Fort Wellington, St Ignatius, and Watooka.

The procurement of equipment for agro-processing and packaging facilities in Sophia, Parika, and Mabaruma was also advanced.

A section of the gathering during the commissioning ceremony

Meanwhile, in an effort to further commercialise value-added production through agro-processing, a $37 million state-of-the-art food processing factory was commissioned at Fort Wellington, West Coast Berbice.

The investment will see approximately 700 persons including farmers, agro-processors, women, youth, and other stakeholders from Regions Five and Six benefitting from improved services geared at increasing the value and extending the shelf life of their products.

Guyana’s agro-processing capacity will also be enhanced, with continued investment in the New Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC).

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