New Hospital at Number 75 Village to replace Skeldon Hospital

The government is constructing a brand-new hospital at Number 75 Village, Region Six which will replace the current Skeldon Hospital and provide a wider range of services.

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony on Thursday paid a site visit to the construction site and gave an update on how things are progressing.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony visits the site of the new Number 75 Village Hospital

“I think they are a little bit behind where we expect them to be, but I’m told by the contractors that they will be working more frequently so that they can catch up and get back on the timeline

I think once they put in the concrete and start putting in the steel structure we should be back on time,” Dr Anthony said.

The hospital is being constructed by Sinopharm and is scheduled to be completed in early 2025

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony and regional officials visit the site of the new Number 75 Village Hospital

Minister Anthony said this is a tough but necessary decision that had to be made for the improvement of healthcare in the region.

Once this is fully constructed and operational, we will close the Skeldon hospital, so this will replace the Skeldon hospital because it will be modern and have the functionalities, in this hospital we will have like CT scans and things like that to do imaging, right now Skeldon does not have those capabilities, this hospital would have two operating theatres, Skeldon hospital right now does not have an operating theatre, so the range of services will be vastly different,” Minister Anthony said.

Workers levelling the ground for the new hospital

He noted that the hospital will serve approximately 40 thousand people who live in that part of Region Six, by offering a wide range of services.

Minister Anthony noted too that there are five other hospitals being constructed at Bath, Lima, Enmore, De Kinderen and Diamond, all at various stages of construction.

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