$103.5 million Doodnauth Hetram block commissioned at Queen’s College

Approximately 200 Queen’s College sixth form students will now benefit from a new block, equipped with the necessary amenities to further their education.

Dubbed the Doodnauth Hetram block, it aims to honour and commemorate the former principal of the school, who served from 1963-1969.

The $103.5 million block features 8 classrooms, washroom facilities, and a home economics lab.

The Doodnauth Hetram block commissioned at Queen’s College

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, stated that the aim is to provide safe and comfortable facilities to equip students with the skills needed to contribute to a modern society.

“As I commission this block, I want you to remember that it is not the block that matters, but what comes out of the block…each of you here that will matter to this country. Your government promises that you will never be forgotten as students, at Queen’s College or at any other school, and that any day we are working hard to change out the quality of education you get for the better, and you are going to feel that daily,” she said at the commissioning ceremony, held at Queen’s College, on Tuesday.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand delivering remarks at the commissioning ceremony

Queen’s College, like many other schools across the country, has undergone a series of transformations to enhance the quality of education delivered. This momentum will continue, as government works to build an education system and sector that is second to none.

The minister added that in crafting well-rounded students, it is imperative that extracurricular activities and clubs remain active and operational, which remains a priority of the government.

Also delivering remarks was Chairman of the Board of Governors, Marcel Gaskin, and Principal of the school, Rajkumarie Lall, who lamented that the new block brings great relief to both the administration and the students, as they will serve to better accommodate classes, eliminating the issue of cramped spaces. The contract for this block was signed in July 2022, and awarded to Ograsein & Sons.

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