Linden residents grateful for employment as $643M signed in road contracts

The residents of Linden, Region 10 are extremely grateful for direct employment as $643 million was signed in concrete road contracts.  

The government is creating direct and lucrative employment for all Guyanese as it’s policy.

During the contract signing which was held on Wednesday at Watooka Guest House, the 49 contractors posited that this a remarkable initiative that will benefit thousands of residents in the area.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) managed to speak to a few of those contractors who expressed their sincere gratitude for the opportunity.

Julliana Whittington

A female, Julliana Whittington contractor, said that she welcomes the initiative, as it is the first time some of the residents are receiving contracts.

“So, for us to have this privilege it’s a plus and I’m also happy that contractors that is now in the business is here having to experience what we have been experiencing who were here a while,” Whittington explained.

One of the female contractors signing her contract

The young contractor added that she is eager to see the developments that are yet to come to her home town.

Meanwhile, John Waldron, another contractor stated that he fully supports this move by the government which he described as ‘excellent.’

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill engaging the contractors

“I respect this venture very much. It meets the people of Linden in ways of persons having a job. Lots and lots of persons can have jobs right now in Linden because of this contract that is distributing amongst so many contractors, it never happened before,” the excited man stressed.

Additionally, Kevin Barron noted that the town’s economy will be boosted, allowing everyone to benefit in tremendous ways.

“When the government spends in any community, the community develops, the people develop, my staff will benefit because they will be given an income to also develop their families; even the shop man makes money, the taxi drivers and so many other persons lives are being impacted positively,” the contractor posited.

Barron said that as Linden transforms in its various aspect, its physical appearance must also transform, attributing to its already established beauty.

For Violet Cines, it was a joyful day as she also signed one of the contractors. Cines was very much appreciative for herself and fellow Lindeners.

“Well, I must say I am pleased with what the government has been doing and I’m pretty sure the Lindeners are happy also because we are all benefitting from this together,” said the female contractors.

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill urged the contractors to purchase durable cement so that the roads can last for a long period of time. He also informed them that upon completion these roads will be tested and as he expects to see excellent quality.

“In keeping with the spirit and letter of the commitment that we made where we will engage Lindeners in a direct way to get work in Linden. With these projects that are signing today we would have been putting in Linden 5.4 Kilometres of concrete roads in various areas,” the public works minister said.

He notified them that one week after this signing, their mobilization money will be ready and works must get underway. Each contractor received 1 lot out of the 49 roads that are scheduled to be constructed. 

“For these projects we will need about 3,600 metrecubes of concrete to get these roads completed and we have to get about 4,000 PSI- Pavement serviceability index,” Minister Edghill noted.

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