Gov’t keen on partnering to prioritise Guyana’s tourism

As the nation undergoes a transformative revolution, paving the way for a multitude of emerging opportunities, the government has reaffirmed its intent to collaborate with the private sector in giving prominence to the tourism sector.

Minister of Tourism, Industry, and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond on Wednesday, reiterated the commitment during the launch of experimental tourism products at the Bookland Gardens, Georgetown.

Minister Walrond noted that various private-sector companies with help from the government, have majorly invested in products to make Guyana a popular tourism destination.

“The private companies within the tourism sector have invested in seeing the growth of this sector. It may look like a small gesture, but we as a government have described and articulated to the private sector and the nation, our commitment to making tourism a priority sector,” Minister Walrond expressed.

River tour being conducted by a private tour operator

She said due to the commitment billions of dollars are being spent to further develop and advance tourism products, destinations, and experiences countrywide.

The government is focused on making Guyana an eco-tourism destination, as well as a premier endpoint for entertainment, conferences, and sports, among other thrilling activities.

“These activities are indeed part of a holistic vision of government to drive visitors to our country. And when they do so they will be met with many promotional activities,” the tourism minister stated.

To maintain progress with the government’s agenda, the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has been working with all the regions to explore options for potential tourism products and experiences.

An overview of the mighty Lake Mainstay Resort

One of the most recent new tourism experiences launched is the Essequibo Weekend, which offers a new wellness itinerary on the tranquil Essequibo Coast, providing a rejuvenating escape from work with activities like yoga, massages, sip and paint, and culinary experiences.

Another destination is the Pakuri Fin and Feather Adventure, which promotes birding and fishing, allowing visitors to explore the natural, cultural, and historical aspects of villages found along the Mahaica River. There is also the Yarrowkabra Dream ATV Tour which offers one the opportunity to explore the Savannahs through diverse terrain.

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