Infrastructure works progressing at No 75, No 76 housing developments

Significant progress has been made in the infrastructure development of the Number 75 and Number 76 housing developments in East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six).

The ongoing works include land clearing, the construction of access roads, bridges, culverts, and drainage systems, and the installation of utility services such as electricity and water.

According to the Ministry of Housing and Water, upon completion, persons allocated house lots in these areas will access their lands to commence the construction of their homes.

Works ongoing at one of the housing developments

At Number 75 Village, the projects have been divided into four lots and are being executed by Annirude Ramcharitar Construction, Unice Contracting and Engineering, H. Nauth and Sons, and Dennis Tahal Engineering.

Meanwhile, at Number 76 Village, development is underway across seven lots. Strategy Construction, Dennis Tahal Engineering, Reliance Inc, Feroz Construction, One Call Construction, and Rajendra Ramcharitar Construction are the contractors executing those projects.

The entire project is under the supervision of the Projects Department of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA).

In less than three years, Region Six has seen the injection of over $10.5 billion for housing infrastructure development.

Works ongoing at one of the housing developments

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal had said that some $7 billion is being invested in the first phase of infrastructural works at the new Palmyra development.

“Land-clearing is ongoing…infrastructure works include road network, the drainage, the culverts and all that is required when you are developing a new area,” he clarified.

Further, some 200 low-income homes are also underway at Williamsburg/Hampshire and Ordnance/Fortlands.

In addition to the housing development, a sum of $3.2 billion was invested in the construction of approximately 160 community roads in the region. This initiative was carried out through a collaborative effort involving the Ministries of Housing and Water, Local Government and Regional Development, as well as Public Works.

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