Vlogger’s account of Guyana’s Moleson Creek Ferry Terminal inaccurate

The Ministry of Public Works wishes to clarify some erroneous information circulating about its Moleson Creek Ferry Terminal.

While the ministry embraces free speech and certainly encourages visitors to come to Guyana and share their honest experiences, whether through photos, videos, or articles, we also encourage persons to share correct information.

In a video uploaded to his TikTok account on Thursday last, a known vlogger shared his experience crossing from Suriname to Guyana via the Moleson Creek Ferry, however, there were inaccuracies in the vlog.

The Ministry wishes to note that only a few clips in the video are actually of Guyana’s Moleson Creek Ferry Terminal.

The vlogger’s negative account of having to run to avoid the sun is also misconstrued as it has been a long-standing tradition among passengers to do this to avoid being the last in the lines of Immigration or Customs.

However, allow us to point out that this practice has become unnecessary altogether since there is a proper assembly space in the terminal where passengers are tendered to, both arriving and departing Moleson Creek.

Upon arrival, passengers are greeted by two booths that house four immigration officers, as well as another stand-by booth in case of heavy traffic, where another officer can operate if necessary. At least eight to 10 immigration officers work on rotation for quick and effective processing of passengers.

Meanwhile, to ensure greater passenger satisfaction, there is in place a supplementary system to facilitate passengers in getting to their destination on any given day. This system is an on-demand operation based on the volume of travelers.

Basically, more than the standard number of trips are made between the two countries if necessary.

Passengers also have a second Duty Free Shop at Moleson Creek to explore as they await the ferry’s arrival. And for those who need a break, the waiting area has been outfitted to comfortably accommodate passengers.  

The daily operations at the Moleson Creek terminal start promptly at 06:30hrs. for the smooth processing of passengers, vehicles are also processed promptly by members of the Guyana Police Force and Port Security.

While flying between Guyana and Suriname remains a viable option, many people still prefer the less costly and fun experience of the ferry service, hence the government’s continued investment and upgrade to the facility.

Just last year Customs operations at the border crossing were boosted with the installation of a new baggage scanner, the NUCTECH X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) inspection device, which improves monitoring and promotes seamless processing of passengers’ baggage and cargo.

The ferry service is also slated to join the online ticket booking system currently used by the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD), this will mitigate difficulties encountered by passengers in securing places on the vessel.

The Peoples Progressive Party/ Civic Government, led by H.E President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, has budgeted billions for the upgrade of Stellings and ferry terminals throughout the country aimed at creating multi-purpose facilities for hassle-free travel of passengers. The government’s overall commitment to the nation is the development of the country’s transport infrastructure: over land, water, and air.

Citizens and visitors are therefore encouraged to continue using the Moleson Creek Ferry Service, note that as we continue to serve you in the most professional manner, systems are also in place to make your travel experience effortless and enjoyable.

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