Dental school being transformed into main reference centre for dentistry – Min. Anthony

The Cheddi Jagan Dental School located on Carmichael Street, Georgetown will be modernised as the Ministry of Health is seeking to transform the institution into a Reference Centre by integrating technology and increasing resources for improved services.

With these investments, patients will experience enhanced dental treatment, care, and related operations.

This was disclosed by Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony during his remarks at Saturday’s opening of the annual Dentex Convention for Dental Extenders hosted at Regency Suites, Georgetown.

He explained that every area in the health sector is being improved through investments in infrastructure, equipment, and training opportunities for health professionals.

“We desire that this is going to become the major reference centre for dentistry in the country. And, we are going to put in some innovations because … we are still doing some things in a very primitive way, meaning old-fashioned. The technology we have has gone past what we have there and we’re still not upgraded,” he said.

The government, the minister reiterated, is keen on improving services in each medical area in keeping with its vision of transforming the sector into a world-class healthcare system.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony

As the government is providing resources to improve the quality of service, Dr. Anthony emphasised the need for continuous training and retraining of professionals to maintain the standards.  Attendees were encouraged to advance their studies and refresh their minds with the newest information and technology critical to modernising services.

They were also urged to use all resources provided by the ministry to improve their skill sets to avoid human errors in service delivery, “You still have to keep yourself updated with that would be current practices and again, we can facilitate this with having regular seminars, having regular conferences.”

Some of the participants at the event

Principal Dental Officer of the Cheddi Jagan Dental School, Dr. Marvin Monzie revealed that 102 professionals participated in the convention. Other attendees at the convention were Professor Rajini Kurup, Assistant Dean attached to the University of Guyana; Dr. Sarah Lall, Representative from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and Dr. Kevin Jodah – Dental Sugeron attached to Dental Imports Guyana.

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