Karrau’s LCDS projects being implemented – Toshao Cornelius

Under the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) initiative, Karrau Village, Region Seven will be embarking on three development projects, which will create opportunities for the residents and improve the village economy.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) last Saturday during a community outreach, Toshao of Karrau, Shane Cornelius emphasised that these projects include the acquisition of a village boat and engine, a generator and the construction of a village-owned sawmill.

Toshao of Karrau, Shane Cronelius

Through the expanded LCDS 2030, Karrau received $24 million.

“All of these which are under implementation, right now are leading into the Christmas season,” Toshao Cornelius stated.

The LCDS funds have been essential in assisting with implementing environmentally and socially responsible projects that benefit Amerindian communities.

The purpose of the LCDS funds is to finance the socio-economic development of indigenous communities.

Karrau Village, Region Seven

At Karrau, Toshao Cornelius explained that many projects are being undertaken in the community.

“We are doing a lot of stuff. We are trying to have a lot of projects ongoing. We are trying to develop our village just as the country is developing. We are excited about these times. We know that we have the support of the government. We also want to show the government that we are capable of managing and executing projects as well,” he said. 

Regionally, the Toshao underlined that the health centre is being extended, while the primary school is being fenced.

“It must be noted that the fencing of the school and the rehabilitation of the health workers’ quarters were done by the village council themselves. We, at the village council, got the projects and we execute it from the regional administration.”

Within the next three to four years, Toshao Cornelius is optimistic that job security would be obtained for the villagers.

The village council has also prioritised the creation of employment opportunities for persons in the community.

 “We must have our own job opportunities created within the villages…and to have food security. This is to have more people farming, more produce in the village, more people eating healthily while supporting local.”

The community is also eyeing the possibility of having leisure and sports activities there.

“So, a major project that would be completed before this year-end is to have floodlight around the community ground. So, we have that as a big project…” Toshao Cornelius highlighted.

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