‘We have to utilise each other’s competitive advantage for the benefit of the region’ – President Ali tells Agri-Investment Forum

President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali says Guyana and the Caribbean region need to utilise each other’s competitive advantage for the achievement of Vision 25 by 2025.

While speaking at the opening of the Agri-Investment Forum and Expo on Friday, President Ali emphasised that Guyana remains committed to positioning itself as a leader in food security.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

“We, now, have to ensure that regional institutions like the Caribbean Development Bank reorganise their project portfolio to reflect what is required to achieve Vision 25 by 2025. They have to reorganise their programme portfolio to provide greater investment to bring the commercial banks in the region together to deploy their private sector window with a regional commercial bank.

“We have to build more consortiums here. Not everybody as small as we are, are investing in the same technology. That is why when we said that Guyana’s prosperity must be the prosperity of the region, that is why we are making these investments.”

Dr. Ali noted that we are already seeing countries like St Vincent, Barbados, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname and Jamaica’s tremendous strides amid great difficulties, increased investments from government and strong commitment to expanding production.

The next seven years involves the implementation of key investments which are critical to Guyana’s competitiveness, as such the country has committed itself as a global leader on climate change, food and energy security.

Ribbon cutting to mark the opening of the Agri Investment Forum and Expo

 “We cannot delink climate security from food security and energy security. That is why Guyana is proposing a new and balanced approach and we have the credibility to speak about a balanced approach towards global development of energy, climate and food security. On the climate agenda, on the energy agenda, we are leaders and on the food agenda, we are leaders. We are going to present that leadership,” President Ali posited.

Part of the digitisation effort involves agriculture, infrastructure and asset management for sustainable and resilient agriculture development.

“We have to be very strategic and careful in our planning. What you can rely on in this government, is responsible, careful, people driven and people-oriented for the advancement and development of our country.”

Over the last three years, billions of dollars have been injected in the sector to advance its 25 by 2025 food production agenda.

The resource allocation to agriculture and farmers increased by over 300 per cent to more than $33 billion.

Guyana has acknowledged that technology offers the chance to link farmers and extension agents directly. The government will build a proactive platform for information exchange and reaction that will be accessible to farmers nationwide as part of its innovative investment.

“It is no longer guesswork. It is precise science. It is based on analysis of data. It is based on the timing, dissemination of information. The days in which we had to rely on extension officers to go to the fields to meet the communities can no longer work.”

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