$15M disbursed to Apoteri from sale of carbon credits so far – Min. Bharrat

The Amerindian village of Apoteri, Region Nine has so far received $15 million from the carbon credit funds.

This is according to Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat who visited the community to update residents on the government’s developmental plans for the country.

Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat during his visit to Apoteri

“And that is just the first payment. Next year there will be another payment and your village will receive a substantial amount. And that will still not be the end because you will be collecting for a period of ten years,” the minister told residents.

He urged the village leader to use the money wisely on small economic projects that would generate revenues for the community and create employment for the people.

The minister also noted that the 242 Amerindian communities have already benefitted from these funds, which he noted is not a replacement for anything else.

Residents of Apoteri

“This money is going to be added to what you are already receiving. Like the presidential grant, the capital grant, money from the budget, and other programmes that have been implemented by the government to support you financially. So, it means that in 2024 you will receive another $15 million.”

Meanwhile, with the many investments the government has made thus far and more to be made, Minister Bharrat said Guyana will be transformed to its best in the coming years.

“The future ahead for us is a bright one. Ten years from today, Guyana including the village of Apoteri and other villages will not be the same. We all will be reaping major success,” he stated. 

Toshao of the village, Ozias James was also present.

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