China donates $20.7M to boost El Niño preparedness in Guyana

In a significant move, the People’s Republic of China has generously donated $20.7 million to the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) to fortify citizens against the impending challenges of the El Niño season.

Director General of the CDC, Nazrul Hussain during the handing over ceremony on Thursday, assured that communities along the Soesdyke Highway, particularly vulnerable to El Niño, will be immediate beneficiaries of the donation.

Director General, Nazrul Hussain, receiving the donation from Chinese ambassador, Guo Haiyan

Essential resources, including water tanks, pumps, containers, dispensers, and fire extinguishers will be provided to address challenges identified during the CDC’s drought outreach programme.

According to Hussain, “These resources meet the needs of citizens who voiced their challenges during the CDC’s drought outreach programme.”

The CDC’s drought outreach programmes have already covered Regions Three, Five, Seven, Eight, and Ten, with Director General Hussain outlining plans for comprehensive coverage across all remaining regions.

Signing of China’s donation agreement with CDC

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan, emphasised the significance of cooperation in disaster prevention and mitigation. Underlining China’s commitment to support Guyana during the El Niño season, Ambassador Haiyan expressed China’s willingness to deepen cooperation in disaster climate security, prevention, and poverty alleviation.

She noted that, “Under the framework of China-Guyana, China-Caribbean, China-LAC cooperation, China is willing to deepen our cooperation in this disaster climate security and disaster climate prevention and poverty alleviation, to ensure to enhance, our friendship.”

The donation signifies a strengthened relationship between China and Guyana, showcasing the power of international collaboration in the face of climate-related challenges.

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