Gov’t invests $2.3B in Region Ten education over three years

Over the past three years, the government invested some $2.3 billion for the expansion and improvement of educational services in Region Ten, President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali announced during a recent community consultation in Coomaka Mines.

The president emphasised the ongoing commitment to the region’s development.

“The last government removed the Because We Care grant. Today, as I speak to you, in the last three years, we have put $1 billion in the pockets of those children under the Because We Care cash grant,” the head of state noted.

The president underscored the government’s commitment to constructing new schools and refurbishing existing ones to provide students with a conducive and contemporary learning environment. An investment of $1.1 billion has been allocated for the construction and maintenance of multiple educational facilities in the Upper Demerara – Berbice area.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali interacting with residents of Coomaka Mines, Region Ten

“One of the first complaints we got from Region Ten when we came into government was the lack of textbooks in schools…We have spent $152 million on ensuring that the children have textbooks in Region Ten,” President Ali disclosed.

Further, under the auspices of the national school grant initiative, a sum of $46 million was directly disbursed to schools in the region.

President Ali indicated that currently, over 2,300 individuals are undergoing teacher training at the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), with more than 170 hailing from Region Ten.

These substantial investments underscore the government’s steadfast dedication to fostering a robust and comprehensive future for its citizens.

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