President Ali commits to providing water tanks, transportation to residents of 58 Miles

─ Tractors, ATVs handed over

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali pledged on Saturday to alleviate the water challenges experienced by the residents of 58 Miles, Region Ten, during the extended dry season by supplying water tanks.

During his outreach to the area, the president actively engaged with the community, addressing their issues and concerns.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali while addressing the residents at 58 Miles

He was accompanied by Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, and Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai.

During the engagement, the residents raised several concerns regarding the need for a more reliable source of water supply and transportation for the community.

The president assured that the government is committed to addressing the needs of all Guyanese, regardless of their location.

He noted that the provision of the water tanks is a temporary measure to alleviate the immediate water shortage, while the government works on a long-term solution.

“While we work on a more long-term solution to have more water storage capacity and capability in the community, immediately, I am making a commitment that before the end of next week, we will have 50 black tanks delivered to residents,” he emphasised.

The ceremonial cutting of the ribbon to commission the tractors and ATV

The president further declared that by year-end, the government would furnish the community with a bus to facilitate the transportation of children to school and for various other purposes.

In addition to the provision of water tanks and transportation aid, President Ali also pledged to supply the community with a wood plane to bolster its sawmill initiative.

He said the government will also work to secure the market for the lumber produced from the project.

The head of state explained that a company had announced its intention to provide lumber for the ongoing gas-to-energy project. Consequently, the government plans to invite the company to evaluate the potential quantity of lumber that could be sourced from community for the project.

Outside of this, we are going to send the Ministry of Housing into the community to talk to you to see how you can become a supplier… for the housing project we have in Linden because we have a big housing project that we want to do in Linden,” he further committed.

President Ali noted the crucial significance of 58 Miles/Great Falls Village, nestled amid expansive lands and lush forests between Linden and Lethem.

This strategic positioning equips the village to provide essential services that connect pivotal communities and promote commercial trade—an imperative factor for the nation’s overall development.

Residents gathered at the meeting

“We have a very strategic vision for 58 Miles/Great Falls Village because of this community… you will also be an important point as we develop the regional food hub because as you know we are working to become a major supplier of food.”

Additionally, President Ali noted a proposal from an investor interested in establishing glamping facilities—luxurious camps equipped with modern amenities—in the region.

This initiative aims to create a significant tourism hub, presenting substantial job opportunities for the local population.

Meanwhile, two Tractors were handed over to the village and one to 47 Miles for agriculture and forestry purposes. An ATV was also presented to the Toshao of Rockstone.

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