Minister Edghill says circulating image is not Canje Bridge

Public Works Minister Bishop Juan Edghill confirmed Wednesday that the images circulating on social media are not of the Canje Bridge in Region Six. He made the clarification during his visit to the county, where he inspected the 1,732-foot overpass.

“Earlier today we saw images circulating on social media with a bridge that carries with it a crack to its structure and the caption on that circulation was the Canje Bridge. Having seen that I requested that three of my senior engineers visit and carry out the full inspection of the Canje Bridge today,” the public works minister disclosed.

The Canje Bridge

Following the inspection, the minister has assured that it is not the Canje Bridge.

Minister Edghill said the image was sourced from someone who was seeking to create mischief and confusion.

Additionally, he has since assured commuters, especially those who are using heavy-duty vehicles that it is safe to traverse there.

“This bridge has served us well and it continues to serve us well. As part of the development of the four-lane road from Palmyra all the way to Crabwood Creek, this bridge which is considered bridge number one will see rehabilitation and major improvements as part of that development programme,” the minister stated.

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