US$27.5M invested to increase GPL’s generating capacity – Min. Indar

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar on Thursday said the government has invested US$27.5 million to increase the Guyana and Power and Light Inc. (GPL’s) generating capacity by 28.9 megawatts to combat the frequent power outages and low shedding being experienced across the country.
The generating sets and six step-up transformers were procured from Apan Energy Service Inc.
The generating sets are expected to arrive on November 22 and the transformers between November 28 to the first week of December.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar

During a media conference at the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Incorporated office, at Duke Street, Georgetown, Minister Indar explained that these high-powered electrical apparatuses will be installed at the ‘Colombia site.’

With this procurement, there will be an increase in the generation capacity to meet the demand.

He said the basis of the low shedding and power outage is due to the 7.8-megawatt engine that was taken off for maintenance at the Kingston location.

“So, because we have pulled down that 7.8-megawatt engine at Kingston to do the general overall, it has taken off our reliable capacity by 7.8 megawatts,” the minister disclosed.

However, he assured that the maintenance there is slated to be completed by November 10.

“Right now, in terms of all of the engines that we have either at Garden of Eden, Kingston, Cane Field, and Skeldon, together we have the reliable operating capacity of 167 megawatts,” the minister informed.

GPL hosts press conference on Thursday

Moreover, he underscored that the GPL has been faced with additional challenges of damaged power lines and sources caused by frequent incidents along the roadways.

While GPL is anticipating an average peak of around 236 megawatts by 2024, Minister Indar stated that the energy company has already received unsolicited offers from individuals with capacity and proposals. Those will be carefully evaluated to meet the growing demand in 2024.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer (ag), Bharat Harjohn explained that citizens should not be concerned about bill charges since there will be no increase, as the government continues to implement sustainable solutions in enhancing the country’s energy source.

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