East Coast Demerara residents benefit from $365M infrastructure development

The government has spent over $365 million to rehabilitate major roads on the East Coast Demerara corridor, fulfilling a commitment made by Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo to residents of several communities there.

The vice president, accompanied by Minister within the Ministry of Public Works Deodat Indar, reiterated that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic government will invest millions to upgrade roads, in keeping with its overall ‘Building for the Future’ plan, which aims to develop and connect communities in and around Guyana.

Infrastructural development

The Ministry of Public Works rehabilitated 63 roads spanning 17.3 kilometres, including 17 roads in Foulis, 14 in Enterprise, 13 in Melanie South, 6 in Nonpareil, 8 in Coldingen, and 5 roads in Nonpareil Block 12. The work was executed by the Ministry’s Special Projects Unit (SPU).

Several residents expressed their satisfaction with the newly built road.

Bobby Hamit said, “When we first come here it was a cane field and from then on to now, they have developed the area and then we had a road that was no good, you taking 45 minutes to get to the public road and lately they built this new road that is very convenient.”

Infrastructural development

Miss Charles also expressed gratitude for the road upgrade, noting that the old road was dilapidated. She said, “We are very grateful in Foulis for the upgrade because the old road was full of patches and big holes. Now, vehicles can go in and out freely.”

Ivor Gones shared similar sentiments, saying, “Now nobody can complain. The road is perfect.”

The government has signed 222 road contracts valued at approximately $7.8 billion for the East Coast of Demerara. This initiative is in keeping with its 2020-2025 manifesto commitment of enhancing road connectivity across Guyana.

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