Guyana, Japan for closer ties as consultation on UN Security Council take place

Guyana and Japan have pledged to work together on a number of global security challenges as non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. 

Policy consultations are underway in Tokyo, Japan where Guyana is represented by Foreign Secretary and High Representative for UN Security Council Affairs Mr. Robert Persaud. These consultations involved senior officials of the Japanese government and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Guyana and Japan will both serve as non-permanent members of the Security Council in 2024. While on the Council, both countries have agreed to collaborate on important topics, including but not limited to peacekeeping, peacebuilding and conflict prevention, climate change, food security and conflict; women, youth, peace and security; Haiti; and the Middle East. 

Japan assumed its non-permanent seat for the twelfth time in January 2023, whilst Guyana will take up its seat for the third time in January 2024. The term is for two years.  

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties on 11 June 1969, Guyana and Japan have enjoyed strong and fruitful bilateral relations through economic and technical cooperation. 

Already, Guyana has held technical and policy consultations with two permanent members (P5) of the Security Council, namely USA and China. A technical consultation with the United Kingdom is scheduled to take place shortly.

While in Tokyo the Foreign Secretary also held discussions with Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. FUKAZAWA Yoichi on enhancing Guyana-Japan bilateral relations.

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