Press Statement

The Department of Public Information categorically refutes the spurious allegation made by fugitive Rickford Burke that the Opposition Members of Parliament were not featured in the DPI’s coverage of the National Assembly’s extraordinary sitting yesterday to debate and vote on a special motion denouncing Venezuela’s “provocative and unlawful” referendum and its unlawful claim of Essequibo.

The Department asserts that the entirety of the sitting was broadcast live on its official Facebook page, as well as on the Facebook pages of the Honourable Prime Minister, the Honourable Vice President, and various other Government Ministers. Furthermore, the National Communications Network also aired the sitting live on television, radio, and its Facebook page.

But, Burke’s preposterous claims come as no surprise as he is known to thrive on the mischief of lies and misinformation. It is unfortunate that he has attempted to use the occasion of a national united stance in defence of our sovereignty and territorial integrity to peddle his usual garbage.

This anti-national stance by Burke from his basement in Brooklyn flies in the face of the united position taken by all Guyanese, regardless of their politics. If Burke wants to salvage what little integrity he has left among his handful of followers, he must withdraw this lie immediately.

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