190 homes in Hururu receive solar panels

Some 190 households in Hururu, Region Ten and its satellite villages on Friday received solar panels for improved electricity access under the government’s Solar Home Systems project.

Each system features a 160-watt solar panel and a mobile charging facility, among other basic fittings.

Deputy Toshao of Hururu Village, Giddeon Hartman

Deputy Toshao of Hururu Village, Giddeon Hartman, pointed out that the units will be invaluable in instances of power outages.

“I must say how elated I am to receive this panel. It will indeed be beneficial to us as a community and as a people. At any point, the electricity can be taken away from us. We can’t predict that, so this is very beneficial because whenever we have a power outage, this will come in handy,” he said.

Hartman expressed immense gratitude to the government and added that he is grateful for the household fans included in the package, as it will be instrumental in helping residents cope with the current dry season, as the country grapples with the effects of El Nino.

Jean Williams

Another resident Jean Williams said the government’s support for the village and the country by extension has been unwavering, noting, “In the flood season, they were here with us, providing us with foodstuff. They gave us (farmers) grants, so that we could start back, and they gave us seedlings, all those things. I’m also very happy that today, all of us in Hururu are getting solar panels.”

Kitupin resident, Roxanne LaRose, lamented that she did not have electricity at her residence and is now happy about the new achievement.

Roxanne LaRose

“I thank God for everything that this president, the ministers, the toshao, and everybody is bringing and helping us to develop our communities,” LaRose said.

Toshao of the village, Mark Gomes said since 2021, the village has received $66 million in additional funding to help the community develop.

Toshao of the village, Mark Gomes

“We have received so much from the government, and the effort of the government is to sustain our village. Every input that they make is to sustain us, and I know that this is what they are doing in every part of the country. Today, we are also seeing solar panels, which is a great initiative,” he told residents.

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill said he is delighted to be once again delivering on a promise made by the government, as it continues to implement systems to transform livelihoods, regardless of geographic location.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, spearheaded the distribution exercise of 190 solar panels in Hururu and its satellite villages

“In every village and every community, we are there working with people to improve their lives.  Today is another clear testimony and example of a government that you have elected, keeping its social contract, because the manifesto is like a social contract,” the public works minister told residents.

Under this project, the government acquired 30,000 solar home system units to distribute to each household in hinterland, rural, and riverine communities across the country to bridge the energy divide. This agenda also complements the government’s drive to minimise the country’s carbon footprint.

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