$900M spent on roads, drainage networks in Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme

Approximately $900 million has been expended to construct several thoroughfares and drainage structures in the Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme, West Bank Demerara.

The project falls under the Adequate Housing and Urban Accessibility Programme (AHUAP) through the Ministry of Housing and Water, which seeks to provide better access to suitable housing, basic infrastructure, improved accessibility and mobility services for low-income populations.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

Minister Collin Croal highlighted the significant financial investment being undertaken in the community during his recent visit to Region Three.                                                                                    

“Here over on the West Bank of Demerara within the Parfaite area, under this project, we have spent close to about $900 million for a number of streets [and] street lamps, as well as drainage networks,” the housing and water minister stated.

One of the newly constructed roads in the Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme

To efficiently serve the extremely large community of Parfaite Harmonie, Minister Croal announced that a tripartite agreement has been brokered between the Ministries of Local Government, Public Works, and the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) for the execution of several infrastructural works currently being undertaken. 

Meanwhile, over two dozen core homes have been constructed in Parfaite Harmonie.  

“Part of the parameter of the project allowed for the beneficiaries to go through a system, an application process where they had to wait for a while. So over here we have constructed about 30 core homes,” Minister Croal said.

One of the core homes in the housing scheme

He added that all the beneficiaries of the core homes in Parfaite Harmonie have already been identified, so plans are moving swiftly towards construction.

Meanwhile, the ministry is working assiduously to complete the construction of several core homes along the East Coast of Demerara and within the Diamond/Grove, East Bank area.

One of the newly constructed roads in the Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme

In 2021 the AHUAP programme expanded its coverage to include nineteen communities on the East Coast of Demerara, extending the boundary to Victoria.

The construction of core homes, thoroughfares, and drainage networks under the AHUAP will improve the low-income areas where they are constructed, as well as transform the lives of the residents within those areas.

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