Hundreds of Region 10 residents receive water tanks

As President Ali delivers on promise

The daily chores of hundreds of Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice), residents have been made easier with the distribution of some 210 black water tanks to five communities. The aid to the communities represents the manifestation of a promise made by His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, during a recent cabinet outreach to the region.

Some 50 tanks were delivered to 58 Miles, 15 to 47 Miles, 5 to 37 Miles, 100 to Coomacka Mines, and 40 to Ituni Region Ten, to alleviate the water challenges faced by residents of these communities. These residents will now be better able to store safe and clean water for household use.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill delivered the final ten water tanks to the residents of Coomacka Mines on Friday last

This intervention is a collaborative effort between Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, Housing Minister Collin Croal, and the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI).

Minister Edghill delivered the final ten water tanks to the residents of Coomacka Mines on Friday last, where the residents thanked the government for its swift response in providing relief.

Eloise Oselmo

Eloise Oselmo, a 70-year-old resident, described how elated she was to finally have improved access to water.

“It is very beautiful because it will give me a lot of water.  I have small drums but this will be more accommodating for us because we live on a hilltop where we can’t get water, so I am so grateful and thankful for it,” she said.

Esther Gaskin

Another resident, Esther Gaskin, lamented that she was unable to store water to perform basic household tasks, such as cooking and cleaning. With the water tank, Gaskin said these tasks will now be less of a hassle.

“It’s going to help us a lot because we live all the way on the hill, but we don’t get water there, not even to water the plants or cook, and we have to travel far to bathe. So, I want to say thanks for these tanks,” she told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Colin Etienne

Colin Etienne was high in praise for President Ali for expeditiously delivering on his commitment. “First, I must thank the president for what he has done for us in the community, and I’m thankful for the tanks because sometimes the rain doesn’t fall, and we’d have to go all the way to the creek to get water.”

Councillor Sancha Halley said, “On behalf of the residents, we’d like to thank not only the ministry and the government but also the REO for the assistance with the logistics. I know this will be very helpful, especially in this season that we’re going through, so we want to thank the government for fulfilling the promise, and Minister Edghill for being here on the ground.”

Sancha Halley

Meanwhile, in his brief remarks to the residents, Minister Edghill, reminded thatthe government is committed to providing essential services to all Guyanese.

“The Government of Guyana is satisfied that we were able to swiftly get relief to the people. The Minister of Housing and Water was contacted and the Guyana Water Incorporated facilitated the procurement of these tanks,” he said.

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