Slow progress in Region Eight projects ‘unacceptable’- Min. Sukhai

Even as the government is injecting millions of dollars to improve social services and livelihoods in Region Eight, the implementation and completion of projects by the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) is ‘alarmingly’ slow.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai who has parliamentary responsibility for the region, was made aware during a recent four-day outreach to the region, that several projects in the health, education, and infrastructure sectors are yet to be completed.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai engaging Toshaos

During a meeting with the National Toshaos Council (NTC) in the North Pakaraimas District at Kurukabaru, the slow pace of project implementation in the region was among the concerns raised by village leaders

Minister Sukhai reiterated that these challenges are not a result of the lack of investments in these areas by government, but pointed out that a loophole in the system is preventing the delivery of these services. 

“We’ve seen mostly health, education and some social services that seem to be a feature that should not be difficult for us to address, because some of the issues range from shortages of exercise books or low amounts being sent to the schools…These are doable activities that any government delivers on.

“However, I believe that while we have been delivering, there are some weaknesses in the various sectors that need to be corrected. And I say corrected because maybe they see you every day and they take your nuances and challenges for granted,” Minister Sukhai stated.

Extension of schools and health facilities was found to be three to eight months behind schedule, which the minister described as ‘unacceptable.’

“I am sure that if our President becomes aware of this laxity, he will want to know why those in responsible positions have not been doing anything about it. This is a fact…We have gone through every community basically and we found that project implementation is in need of correction,” the minister underscored.

The minister made it clear that the government has always been delivering on its promises. However, it is important for persons managing the local organs to ensure that the works are completed and residents are satisfied with the finished product.

Minister Sukhai underscored that Guyana’s development is moving rapidly and there is no time for delayed projects.

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