Rehabilitation of community roads in Strathspey, ECD completed

Residents of Strathspey, East Coast Demerara are reaping the benefits of a number of rehabilitated roads, facilitated through the Ministry of Public Works’ Special Project Unit (SPU).

The upgraded road works in the community is the fulfilment of a commitment following a community engagement led by Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo.

Rehabilitated Road

Complaints were raised by residents concerning the difficulties experienced while traversing the roads daily including restricted access of businesses and schools, (Bladen Hall Multilateral and Strathspey Primary).

The SPU technical team conducted evaluation of the community roads on November 3 which revealed that the roads’ asphalt surface had significantly deteriorated with notable raveling that caused the surface defects to extend into the base in some areas.

The rehabilitated process entailed light scarification of the existing surface, placing and compacting of crushed aggregates in areas with exposed base, followed by final application of asphalt concrete.

The recently rehabilitated roads are Mohan Street, Arjune Street, Betty Street, Tan Tin Street and Dwarka Singh Street located at Area G Strathspey.

The completed roads are part of government’s implemented strategies in fostering economic activity. It is also a component of the 2020–2025 PPP/C Administration’s manifesto pledge to improve infrastructure and residents’ lives nationwide.

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