Guyana is following all the rules – Min. Teixeira tells St Stanislaus College students

Underscoring the government’s commitment to diplomacy and following international rule of law, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Gail Teixeira said Guyana is taking all steps to ensure it remains on the path of legality.

The minister made these comments while sharing information with St Stanislaus College students during a public awareness session held in the school’s auditorium on Friday.

Minister Teixeira addressing the public awareness session at St Stanislaus College

“I stress the fact that we are not alone. We are not alone as a country. We have the support of the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the Organisation of American States, the CARICOM…So we must not feel alone, we must not feel afraid. Our cause is just, and our cause is righteous,” Minister Teixeira emphasised.

The governance minister highlighted that it would not be in the best economic interest of countries for any war to occur in this region.

Minister Indar addressing the public awareness session at St Stanislaus College

“The world today and the views of the world today, do not want this part of the world to become a war zone. The last time there was a threat of war was 1961 and 1962…. And nobody wants another theatre of war. There are enough theatres of war in the world right now,” she posited.

Minister Teixeira encouraged Guyanese to stay tuned to official information emanating from government sources such as the Office of the President, the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), and the Department of Public Information (DPI), and to be wary of the fake news that is being circulated with the intent of instilling fear in Guyanese.

A section of the gathering during the awareness session

“Some people on the media are trying to frighten people and tell them all sorts of things, just ignore that,” she urged.  

Meanwhile, Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, who also participated in the session, pointed out that Guyana’s display of unity and togetherness is what will win the battle against the fear that Venezuela is attempting to instill in Guyanese.

 “You don’t fight fear with a sword or a gun. You fight fear using the framing of your mind. You fight fear using prayer. Fear is an abstract thing…So if the Venezuelans and what they’re doing is trying to instill fear…you talk to each other, talk with people who have information to get that assurance,” he explained.

The panel discussion is part of a series of efforts by the government to bring awareness and provide education to the wider populace on matters pertinent to the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy.

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