‘Regardless of the circumstances, I will be with you’ – President Ali affirms at Night of Patriotic Reflection

In an impassioned address to the thousands gathered at the Providence National Stadium for a ‘Night of Patriotic Reflection’ on Sunday evening, President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has assured Guyanese that he will stand with his country in the face of its challenges.

Driven by sheer love for his country and its people, the head of state said that it is an honour for him to be on the frontlines when addressing issues of national importance.

“I want every Guyanese to know, regardless of the circumstances, how difficult it is, how easy it is, how burdensome it is, how dangerous it is, you will never see me away from you. I will be with you at the front, by your side, every single time, every single moment. You can be assured of that. Do not worry about this. I will be at the front of any circumstance that requires my leadership for Guyana, and the people of Guyana. Make no mistake of this,” he said.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali during his address at the Night of Patriotic Reflection

Over the past few weeks, President Ali has been engaging international partners on the ongoing controversy, and has been reassured that these countries stand with Guyana, on the right side of the law.

Maintaining that diplomacy is Guyana’s first line of defense, the president noted that the nation will continue to spread messages of peace and positivity in the face of the challenges posed by Venezuela’s aggressive claims to its territory.

Importantly, he asserted that no amount of propaganda or rhetoric stemming from Venezuela will stir Guyana’s unshakeable resolve that the Essequibo region belongs to us.

“No amount of terror coming from our neighbour would shake our resolve in the facts and the truth that Essequibo belongs to Guyana and our borders were set fully and finally in 1899. No amount of prograganda or lies will…disrupt our lives” he told the gathering.   

Emphasising that Guyana and Venezuela are neighbours and will remain neighbours following the resolution of the controversy, he urged that the Spanish nation responds to the issue with the same love, honour and dignity that Guyana has demonstrated.

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