Venezuela’s behaviour has not swayed commitment of investors – President Ali

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali has emphasised that the behaviour of Venezuela has not swayed the commitment of investors, nor hindered Guyana’s pursuit of advancement.

“The attitude from any of our investors, including ExxonMobil, it has not changed,” President Ali stated while addressing the ongoing Guyana-Venezuela controversy during an interview with ‘France24,’ the French state-owned international news television network on Tuesday evening.

The head of state acknowledged Venezuela’s attempts to instill fear and uncertainty in Guyana and among potential investors, aiming to create a scenario where investment is minimal, and the development of Guyana is slowed.

“We have not seen this. We are encouraging all our investors and our population, not to fear because we are doing everything in accordance with the rule of law to ensure that this region remains regional peace,” President Ali reaffirmed.

The president highlighted the international community’s strong stance against Venezuela’s actions. Organisations such as the OAS, the Commonwealth, CARICOM, and many countries worldwide have issued strong statements urging Venezuela to act peacefully and refrain from any reckless behaviour.

Although the primary objective is for peace to prevail and encourage Venezuela to respect the rule of law, the president said that Guyana is collaborating with partners, including the United States’ State Department and the Department of Defense, to fortify its position and readiness.

“So, we are hoping that good sense will prevail. And Venezuela will not act in a way that will disrupt the peace within the zone. But, in the Western Hemisphere itself, the countries within this hemisphere have a responsibility to ensure that peace prevails,” he stated.

The Guyana-Venezuela controversy is currently before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

President Ali noted that Guyana is committed to respecting the judgment of the ICJ and called on the Spanish-speaking territory to do same and participate in the process.

Asked whether there is any room for dialogue, President Ali said, “We have gone pass that… we must both recognise that this controversy is before the ICJ and it has to be settled before the ICJ, therefore, there are no negotiations that can take place in relation to the controversy itself.”

However, President Ali underscored the importance of coexistence and expressed a willingness to engage in dialogue on other important matters.

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