Pensioner says one-off grant practical, timely

Elderly Guyanese are overjoyed this holiday season thanks to the government’s timely one-off $25,000 cash grant, distributed to 72,000 pensioners across the country. This will allow seniors to purchase the items they need to celebrate Christmas comfortably.

The government rolled out the distribution in Regions Six and Ten on Tuesday. DPI spoke to some of the beneficiaries.

Pensioners during the one-off grant distribution exercise

Kamal Dhanesar emphasised the practical nature of the grant, highlighting that it will fulfill various holiday needs.

“It will come in handy. It will help in the home…because this is the time when people want to buy a few things whether furniture, grocery, [or] decoration because of the Christmas celebration and so on,” he said.

Other recipients echoed similar sentiments. Joseph Brijbisi said, “It will help me all round, ration wise and so. Yes, everything good.”

Verma Moonsammy expressed sincere gratitude, “I feel happy that I get this lil extra change for the Christmas. Me thank me government so much. I am very happy.”

Sahoodra Balkumari also expressed her appreciation, stating, “I thank the government so much for the help. It’s a great help for me.”

Old-age Pension 2024 voucher

The positive reactions resonated across the communities visited including Port Mourant, New Amsterdam, Mahaicony, No.5 Village and No.28 Village.

Pensioner Bachan Gyal also welcomed the initiative, noting, “It’s great… So we welcome it especially Christmas time.”

The cash grant serves as a testament to the government’s commitment to the welfare of its senior citizens. It provides much-needed financial assistance to vulnerable populations, allowing them to celebrate the holidays in comfort.

Additionally, the distribution of pension and public assistance booklets for 2024 is underway, further demonstrating the government’s dedication to supporting its citizens.

The one-off grant represents a significant investment of some $1.8 billion for the well-being of Guyana’s elderly population.

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